Supplemental Chapter 28 contains new information acquired after supplemental Chapter 27 was published here last year. Please download and print the new chapter to be added to your book. After you have printed the 46-page chapter, take it to Staples, Office Depot, Kinko’s, or other similar office supply store to have the printed sheets punched with the small spiral binding holes. You may want to take your book to show exactly how the sheets should be punched.

Because Chapters 27 and 28 are so large – 84 pages printed front and back on 42 sheets – the original 30mm black spiral binding is now too small to hold everything. It should be replaced with a 33mm spiral or larger. An alternative that does not require disassembling your book would be to just bind the two new chapters in an 8mm spiral. The Staples store here does that for less than $5, including a clear plastic cover and hard plastic back. While this separate binding was not my original intent in 2010, I had no idea that I would receive so much new information that would increase the size of the book by almost 21%.

Click HERE to view the chapter. You will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view the chapter. If needed it is available free by clicking the button below.